Wize Solutions


Wize Solutions was forged from the desire to merge our IT expertise with our commitment to give back to communities and the country.

It’s what sets us apart from the rest.

We provide exceptional IT services to commercial and government clients by creating employment opportunities in rural communities. As a result, we stimulate economic growth in under-employed areas.

The careers we create breathe life into families, neighborhoods and communities.

From our headquarters in Abingdon Virginia, we provide the high standards of home with the low cost benefits of outsourcing and offshoring. All without the time zone, language, culture and cyber risk challenges.

Our clients benefit from our strong commitment to continuous improvement.

Our clients benefit from our commitment to continuous improvement. With ongoing training and advancement programs, our team stays abreast of the latest developments, including whatever disruptive technology the industry invents. We partner with local colleges and universities to keep our team young, energized and proficient with emerging technology.

As celebrated lifelong technology experts, we are dedicated to providing unparalleled service and savings to you, our client. All while unleashing talent and transforming lives.

Wendy Marquez

Wize Solutions is a team of IT professionals committed to making our customers and our community successful. Their dedication to excellence is second to none.”

Dario Marquez

Executive Vice-President
Wize Solutions was created to harness the talents and resources that are abundant in Virginia's rural communities. The talent, ingenuity and commitment of the people, the professionalism of their educational institutions and the unwavering desire and dedication to their communities reinforce our decision to locate Wize Solutions in Southwest Virginia.”

Mark Eschle

Vice-President of Operations
Information Technology has opened our world to limitless opportunities while creating an insatiable demand for new talent. Yet, for many living outside America's major cities, these opportunities remain unavailable. Wize Solution's mission is to address the IT workforce demand by harnessing the under-utilized assets and talent that exist within our rural communities -- not by uprooting and moving people to the work, but by bringing the work to people living in the many towns across America where it is needed the most.”
Delivering exceptional service and value to our clients by being innovative, proactive and accountable.
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